Founded in 1967 by Ida Bazzi, Poignee is a Rome-based, second generation family-run hardware workshop. Under Ida’s daughter Roberta, the company has expanded into production and fabrication while maintaining a commitment to producing the contemporary and historic designs that inspired their original retail space, still in operation today.




Civilian discovered the company while working on the renovation of a Roman palazzo for American University and quickly noticed Poignee’s hooks are quietly ubiquitous around the city’s historic neighborhood cafes. The iconic but humble design gradually evolved to incorporate a gentle arch to prevent creases in clothing and gained a lower hook to take a bag - qualities that make its idiosyncratic design beautiful, functional and timeless.

The pair of unfinished brass hooks that have been custom-made by Poignee for Civilian Objects are a take on this historic design and will develop a natural patina over time.


October 05, 2021 — Ksenia Kagner