Jocco Candlestick - Off-White


Inspired by the work of the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti, the Jocco candlesticks are the first candlesticks designed by Civilian Objects and crafted by the ultra-precise hands of NY ceramicist legend and instructor Jessie Lazar. 
The process:
Each candlestick is thrown from one piece of clay. Made out of a white a stoneware clay body that is dug in nearby Pennsylvania. 
The pieces are then slowly dried halfway to the stage called ‘leather hard’. At this point the clay feels like leather or hard chocolate. They are then returned to the potters wheel for trimming and refining, stamping and smoothing.  
The next stage is drying slowly and completely so nothing cracks or explodes in the kiln. Any moisture in the clay when it reaches 1830 Fahrenheit, will expand and force the clay to explode. Once the piece are ‘bone dry’, they are loaded into the kiln for their first firing. After 3 days in the kiln they are called bisque ware. 
Then unloaded and glazed, the pieces are retuned to the kiln for the second hotter glaze firing. At the top temperature, 2232, the chemical glaze will melt and turn into glass, coating the pieces in a food safe colored layer.
Not simple, but worth it very step.
Limited run.
Will ship at the end of December.
2 1/2" ht
2 1/2" dia base
3 1/2" dia lip
Handmade, dimensions vary
Also available in Deep Indigo